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Andros is the northernmost Cycladic island reached with regular ferry connection from the main land from Rafina to Gavrio port. The ports of Batsi, Hora and Korthi can facilitate fishing and touristic boats.

At the western part of Andros the guests may visit beautiful sandy beaches of the island that are easily accessible. Those seeking quiet beaches and rough landscapes should visit the northeastern and southeastern parts .There are many rivers and torrents and plenty of springs in the island , this is why the ancient name of Andros was Idrousa meaning full of water.

Moreover the island is blessed with a green and beautiful scenery consisting of walnut trees, oak trees, olive and lemon trees. Andros is ideal for nature lovers ,one can see partridges, hawks or even rarer predatory birds, like eagles, wild pigeons and martins. Andros also has a cosmopolitan ambience because of the rich cultural history and is the homeland of the most wealthiest Greek ship-owner families.

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